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Every homeowner understands that good roofing is the most critical protection for a house.

Our commercial Kelowna roofing contractors are experts in :

  • Traditional gravel roofing system
  • Modern torch-applied two-ply systems
  • Advanced rubber
  • PVC
  • Thermoplastics applications.

For residential Kelowna roofing applications, our contractors specialize in all types of pitched-roof finishings including:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal
  • Cedar shake roofs
  • and much more

For added convenience, our contractors not only provide roofing services but gutter installation and maintenance as well.

Maintenance will extend the life of your roof for years and reduce dampness and leaks entering your home. Save big money and engage with a roofer Kelowna locals know and trust. Contact us today and get a free quote for all your Kelowna roofing needs.

A Roofer Kelowna Locals Trust

“We knew our roof was requiring some maintenance as we could see the patchy areas when coming up the driveway. We requested that someone come check it out and they found that in places they could see daylight looking through from the ceiling space! We expected the worst but the crew were able to repair the damage in one day and we were pleasantly surprised at how low cost the repair was. Thanks again guys”. – Debbie, East Kelowna.


“We recently sold our house and needed a new roof as the builder’s report said the old one was causing too many problems so knew that it would need to be done to get the best sale price. The guys did an amazing job and the new roof has easily paid for itself by increasing the value of the house. Highly recommended”. – Seb & Susan, Lakeview Heights.


“I noticed that I was cleaning a lot of the roof coating from my gutters and it seemed to be getting worse every year. It was even visible that the coating was wearing thin in places. I asked for a quote to re-roof the whole house and when they came to have a look it was just a case of recoating and repainting. I saved some cash and now the roof looks great!”. – Mike, West Kelowna.




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